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Join Hacienda Don Manuel´s Rewards
Getting started is easy
As a La Hacienda Don Manuel Rewards member, you'll earn free food and drinks !
Create an account:
Create an account and we'll send you a special offer just for joining!
Earn points
Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend, only on ONLINE ORDER PICKUP at La Hacienda Don Manuel
Enjoy your points
By joining the Rewards Program, enjoy a Free Gift at no cost with your order. After that first purchase, you can build up points to redeem for you following orders. To place your orders and redeem your points, use the Hacienda Don Manuel website, go to your profile, where you rewards are shown ready for use on your next purchase.
Your Gifts
Welcome Gift: Cheese Nachos Rewards
Topped with refried beans and melted cheese on top with guacamole sour cream and pico de gallo.
Cheese Quesadillas
Soft flour tortilla with white cheese, side of guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo.
Signature Margarita El Mejor Half Pitcher
Our house Margarita made with reposado 100% agave
Select the Fajita of your choice: Chicken,Steak or Shrimp.
Fajitas Sautéed onions, peppers and mushrooms served with Mexican rice and beans.
Signature Margarita El Mejor Full Pitcher + Picada Mexicana
Margarita Full Pitcher + Asserted appetizer platter for 2, nachos, chimichanga, taquitos, quesadilla and guacamole.
How does the Hacienda Don Manuel's Rewards program work?
It's simple. Once you enroll in the Rewards program you automatically start earning points for eligible transactions made only for online ORDER PICKUP. It is UNELIGIBLE for any orders made out for delivery, purchased inside the restaurant/bar or called ahead.
How do I earn points?
You'll earn 1 point for each $1.00 spent on any food, beverages or catering orders. Take into account, all purchases have to be made through the online ordering system at La Hacienda Don Manuel. Points will be rounded to the nearest whole dollar of each purchase. For example, a $30.49 purchase will round down to 30 points while a $32.50 purchase will round up to 33 points.
Where can I view or update my account information?
You can manage your account by logging in on the Hacienda Don Manuel/Triback website, and going to your profile where you'll be able to view your account information.
When can I start redeeming my points for rewards?
You can start using your accumulated points in the next purchase when you use the online ORDER PICKUP feature, as long as you have enough points to redeem.

Cash or card, you earn Stars
No matter how you pay, you can earn Stars with your morning coffee. Those Stars add up to (really delicious) Rewards.
1★ per dollar
Pay as you go
Order & pay ahead
Enjoy the convenience of in-store, curbside or drive-thru pickup at select stores.
Save payment in the app
Check-out faster by saving a credit/debit card or PayPal to your account. You’ll be able to order ahead or scan and pay at the register in one step.
2★ per dollar
Add funds in the app
To save time and earn Stars twice as fast, add money to your digital Card using any payment option. Scan and pay in one step or order ahead in the app.
Register your gift card
Then use it to pay through the app. You can even consolidate balances from multiple cards in one place.
Up to 3★ per dollar
With Rewards Visa® Card
Earn Stars even faster
Earn Stars on all purchases you make with our credit card opens in new window in and outside of . Earn 1 Star per $1 when you digitally preload your Card with your Rewards Visa® Card, and earn 2 Stars per $1 when you pay with that preloaded Card
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